Video & Film production services

Based in New York and with production teams in Los Angeles and London, VISTA provides quality services in content creation and production aiming to a higher level of connection between product and audience. From corporate and educational videos to the innovative service of custom made short films, we work with industry professionals combining the art of movie storytelling with promotional services. In combination with the film making knowledge of our professional teams, Vista’s choices in script, shots, rhythm and music will ensure a visually captivating promotional video. Always aiming for an in depth and detailed collaboration with our clients, Vista treats each project with all the respect it deserves.

Custom Made Short Films

After years of experience in this original field of production, Vista collaborates with its affiliate company Homeric Pictures and guarantees a creative partnership with our clients so that their idea can become a breathing film with a compelling storyline. Whether the film is the means to promote your self or your business, whether it’s a vessel to raise awareness about a noble cause you represent, whether its based on a true story of your life or pure fiction, even if its just a personal passionate project of yours, Vista will transfer the idea into a screenplay and the screenplay into a film. Depending on how you wish to pursue the film after its creation, Vista can help you market your film in social media, send it to film festivals and have a red carpet screening event in a movie theater for colleagues, friends and family.

Facilitated in York Studios

Conveniently located 15 minutes away from Midtown Manhattan, York Studios is a NYC qualified production facility for both motion picture and television. It is  a complete movie studio with offices, conference rooms, private dressing and wardrobe rooms, hair and make-up rooms, set storage warehouses, carpentry shop for props, key telephone system and high speed internet access.